Why CEMAsys?

CEMAsys is a state-of-the-art carbon management system delivered as a cloud service. The tool is designed especially to comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) standard and is one out of few accredited as a CDP Software Tool. The user can access it securely from anywhere with a web connection, without needing to install or upgrade software on your computers. You and your team will be able to access and manage your data worldwide and at any time. It is a managed service, which means that our specialist team runs it, rather than your organisation's IT department.

Unlimited number of users

A standard CEMAsys account allows you to include an unlimited number of users, as well as manage different user-right levels.

Hierarchical structure

Your account is designed to handle any kind of organisation, sector or products, from SMEs to large, multinational companies with complex structures and value chains.

Automatic calculation

The system automatically converts your consumption data into CO2 and energy equivalents.

Full Security and Data management

CEMAsys uses SSL encryption and continuous backup of all your data. You can easily manage your environmental data in our Document Library.

Results and Reports

After a quality assurance check of your reported data, you can immediately view the results for any level in your organisation and generate a range of exportable reports.

Global coverage

CEMAsys can be used by any organisation worldwide and is delivered in a range of languages. Our extensive emission factor database includes all type of fossil fuels, land specific electricity and cradle-to-gate LCA emission factors


The system facilitates the reporting to major standards such as the CDP, ISO 14064, ISO 14001, the GHG Protocol (WBCSD/WRI), GRI and more.

Flight emissions

Our factors does not include the RF factor and are therefore smaller (We do include the 9% uplift factor). The reason is because EU ETS does not include it an hence the aviation companies do only report the direct emissions. A lot of companies use numbers directly from these and confusion is therefore less if we exclude RF. But we will add them as an optional choice, if companies wish to include RF.

Trusted references

Our team of experienced analysts are always updated and in line with Defra, WRI, WBCSD, IEA, CDP and other environmental accounting best practice.

Custom KPIs

Specify as many key performance indicators as you like for the whole organisation, or break down and set targets for individual sites.

Expert Set up and help desk

A dedicated analyst will set up your account and help you along the way, for a smooth implementation and maximum output from the system.

Audit trail

CEMAsys is built with a full audit trail, allowing auditors to log in and perform checks at any time in the process.

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