Terra Founder rides from Rotterdam to the Carbon Expo in Cologne in the 5th edition of the EneCO2 Tour

Terra Global Capital June, 2016                                           CE logo

Eneco, the Dutch energy company committed to "sustainable energy for all", organized its 5th EneCO2 Tour in May, a three day bike ride that ending at Carbon Expo. The 2016 ride included 34 riders from 14 countries who covered over 400 kilometers over three days from Rotterdam to Cologne. In addition to Eneco's leading sponsorship, Statkraft, Aera, ICIS/Tschach Soultions, South Pole, Pacific Forest Alliance, ClimatePartner, and Impact Carbon provided sponsorship for the ride.

The ride this year featured the amazing bike paths of Holland and the pouring rain of Northern Europe. The ride included five women, and featured five first-time riders and five who have ridden in all five EneCO2 Tours. "The great thing about this ride, besides the excellent organization of Eneco and the event manager Mr. Rotterdam, is that it includes a diverse group of people, from all over the world and different sectors, that are mutually committed to producing a more sustainable planet", said Leslie Durschinger, Founder of Terra Global Capital. The ride provided the opportunity to bond over three long days that included talking in the saddle about work and life, rest stops with ginger bread cake, lunch stops that included changing clothes in the wine cellar of a castle, drinks and more drinks at night and last but not least, being called out in Kangaroo court.

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