Eneco fights with Fair Trade Carbon Credits against climate change

Eneco will offset 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions with Fairtrade Carbon Credits. These innovative carbon credits have been launched on December 4th at the COP21 in Paris. Jan-Willem Beukers, head of the Eneco Carbon Desk, explains how farmers and vulnerable farming communities are supported with this purchase in their fight against climate change.

To begin: What are Fairtrade Carbon Credits again?
"Small farmers and workers in developing countries notice like no other climate change impacts. Extreme weather conditions, poorer harvests and growing diseases among plants such as coffee rust are just some of the problems they now encounter. But unfortunately they are too poor to have to change anything. These farmers can now borrow money for the purposes of sustainable agricultural methods. These loans they repay by selling their carbon credits, CO2 rights to companies and households. They receive a Fairtrade premium for each sold credit. Thus they make their farms more resilient to climate change."

How do we know that the credits well end up?
"The Fairtrade Carbon Credits were developed in collaboration with the Gold Standard. This is an internationally recognized organization with expertise in climate security and sustainable development. This gives companies -and therefore also us - the assurance that the investment in climate protection directly benefit those who need it most. At the same time, this contributes to sustainable development. Think of better health conditions and an increase in the local income."

Why do we participate in this initiative?
"We want to provide everyone with energy from 100% renewable sources. And of all energy companies in the Netherlands, Eneco creates the most green power, such as electricity from wind turbines, solar panels and our bio-energy plant. But despite this fact, unfortunately there are still CO2 emissions that are inevitable. Even after we have done everything possible to minimize our CO2 footprint. By committing to 1,000 tonnes of the CO2 emissions of Fairtrade Carbon Credits to offset, the knife cuts both ways. We compensate our unavoidable residual emissions, farmers reduce their emissions and build resilience against the impacts of climate change. An ideal win-win situation." 

The Paris deal
Besides Eneco also other leading businesses like Deutsche Post DHL Group, Mark & Spencer, Peeze, Beyers, Jumbo and Java Coffee Company promised to buy Fairtrade Carbon Credits. Eneco will research with Max Havelaar how they can offer customers in the future more climate neutral products.

Link to Fair Trade press release