Improved Cooking Stoves Programme in Ghana

The Gold Standard Programme of Activities aims at significantly reducing wood fuel consumption of low-income Ganesh households by providing them with affordable improved cook-stoves produced in the Republic of Ghana in replacement of their low-efficiency three-stone fires and traditional stoves.

Qualitative livelihood improvements from reduced consumption of fuel. Improved cook stoves will result in a reduction in fuel wood required. This will decrease dependence on a scarce resource, save time, reduce expenditure of fuel wood and reduce exposure to smoke particularly for women and children. Periodic households' survey will inquire about the cost savings, health improvements and other  benefits.

Man and Man already manufactures and distributes efficient charcoal cook stoves to wholesale customers under the 'Holy Cook' brand in Ghana. These stoves which require 40% less charcoal than traditional  stoves used, are safer to handle and have a longer lifespan. Their current production capacity is 500 stoves/week.

The company is now building a new production facility in Kumasi that will  employ 55 employees and produce 10,000 stoves a month at full capacity. 

Working with our partners Man & Man, a production facility has been established that will produce 120,000 stoves a year which will be made available to households via our distribution process at a very affordable price.

The benefits of this will be:
Increased time for women to engage in other activities
Increased safety for children in the house
Better health outcomes for all inhabitants
GHG abatement of 50,000 tonnes per year

Periodic household surveys will ensure that cost savings are being made and that other benefits are coming through.

Registry - Project Details (Markit Registry)

About cook stoves:

Fact sheet Household air pollution and health World Health Organization, updated February 2016

Could a simple stove save children's lives? BBC News, 14 December 2014



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