Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project

The Rufunsa Conservancy is one of the last intact areas of forest within Lusaka Province (named after the nearby capital city), and provides a 60-kilometer buffer to Lower Zambezi National Park, a strategic protected area in Zambia in a globally significant trans-frontier conservation area.

Lower Zambezi NP is adjacent to Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe which is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. The population of the Project Zone is approximately 8,300 people living in 28 villages spread within 4 community zones.

The Zambia Community Forestry Project works with more than 8,000 local community members to improve land-use practices and  conserve forests and wildlife. It establishes a reserve of 39,000 hectares of valuable Miombo forest, creating a vital buffer for a trans-frontier wilderness  area. of global significance that is home to 23,000 elephants. The project area also provides valuable habitat for other threatened species such as lions, leopards and sable and roan antelopes.

The Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project (Project) is a reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) project on 40,126 ha (ha) of privately-owned land in Rufunsa District, Zambia.

The core project climate accounting activities undertaken include forest carbon inventorying, modelling cumulative deforestation patterns, and soil carbon assessments. Core community project activities include up to eighteen different types of community-based deforestation mitigation initiatives designed to create sustainable, scalable alternatives to deforestation, and strategic, meaningful incentives that comprise part of pay for performance programs that support forest conservation. Core biodiversity project activities include forest conservation systems, biodiversity monitoring and management, and fire management.

The Project has been certified triple gold under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS, Second Edition, Project No. VO12079, http://www.climate-standards.org/2013/03/13/lower-zambezi-redd-project/). CCBS validation was achieved on 21 June 2013 and the project is one of the few to achieve certification for gold level community, biodiversity and climate benefits in Africa (Annex F). Periodical project updates available on request. 

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