Vietnam Household Biogas

The Biogas Program in Vietnam effectively addresses both climate change and energy access in communities across rural Vietnam. Not only is the project preventing over half a million tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere each year, but it is creating local jobs, improving indoor air quality for thousands of people, and reducing deforestation.

The program trains local workers to build and maintain biogas digesters that provide rural farming communities with clean and affordable energy. The initiative began in 2003 and has now installed 145,000 digesters in 53 provinces. The project is implemented by SNV and the Vietnamese government’s Livestock Production Department.

The program has won both Energy Globe and Ashden Awards and is on track to meet its goal of constructing 200,000 locally produced household digesters for farmers by 2020.

Biogas displaces smoky cooking fires and improves sanitation by utilizing manure. Using biogas instead of wood and charcoal means more of Vietnam’s forest is preserved. Other benefits include saving on fuel purchases and less time spent by women gathering cooking fuel.

This project generates carbon credits by reducing CO2e emissions. While the funds received by the project are payment for its environmental outcomes, it also benefits the aforementioned development goals. Recognizing these co-benefits allows us to more accurately measure the project’s total contributions beyond its climate benefit.

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